Rules & Regulations

Please read these rules carefully before signing your application! Failure to observe these rules may result in suspensions and/or termination of your Market contract.




1. The Red Rock Farmers Market Manager will have the final decision on which products and vendors will be included in the market. In compliance with all Federal laws, all packaged items must be wrapped, bottled, or canned and labeled with the producer’s name, a list of ingredients, and the product’s weight.


2. Red Rock Farmers Market reserves the right to inspect any farm or establishment during and throughout the season at any time. Advance notice of the inspection will be given or an appointment will tried to be made. Red Rock Farmers Market is not trying to catch anyone “doing something wrong,” we are simply protecting the Market’s reputation. ANYONE caught lying on their vendor application or falsely labeling products will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and their contract will be terminated.


3.Produce or products sold must be grown/produced by the principal farmer or producer in the state of Ohio. Only those items listed on the Application may be sold. The vendor must notify the Market Manager in writing of any proposed changes before bringing the previously unlisted items to the market. Going to the local produce warehouse and reselling it for a profit is not farming. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!


4. Produce offered for sale must be grown in Ohio and cared for post-harvest by the producer to assure that Red Rock Farmers Market customers receive only the freshest produce. The Market Manager may remove any produce or product if it does not meet the Market’s standards.


5. All produce/products labeled organic must be certified according to the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association standards. Verbal or written declarations of organic status not certified as required will result in suspension or termination.