Why Become A Vendor With Red Rock Farmers Market?

After doing months of research on Farmers Markets, we were able to create a successful business model that would be beneficial to both hard working vendors and the community of Aurora. Fundamental to having a successful business is realizing that our customers are not the consumers who are shopping at the Farmers Market. Our customers are the vendors who rent the spaces to sell their goods and products. To be successful, Red Rock Farmers Market would have to accommodate the vendors’ needs just as much as the customers’ needs.


The first step we took was to call a variety of vendors who were in Farmer’s Markets and interview them about any problems they have had from being in previous Market’s. We asked them questions about their needs, concerns they had, what they would value from a Market Manager, issues that cause a Farmers Market to be unsuccessful, and what would make their experience at a Farmers Market easier. Based on these interviews, we were able to identify a number of pitfalls to avoid simply by providing shady spaces, volunteers to help load and unload, offering spaces on a hard surface, offering cold water, and access to change if they ran out. 

One of the primary concerns that was raised in these interviews was the challenge of competition, when too many of the same type of vendor were in a single Market. We decided to set a policy that no more than two vendors in the same product category would be allowed into the Market. For example, while we may have two meat vendors in the Market, one specializes in beef and the other in pork. This way, they are not in direct competition with each other.

Finally, we know that our primary responsibility is to bring in customers to purchase from our vendors, and it is our vendors’ responsibility to satisfy the needs of those consumers. For this reason, we choose our vendors very carefully and expect them to provide high quality products for our Market. We also survey the customers about their opinions on how to make the Market better.  It is important to us that we keep our vendors happy so that they, in turn, will keep the customers happy.